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Switchboard services are a critical aspect of electrical systems in homes and businesses. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the electrical system by providing protection against electrical faults and surges. Whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, it's essential to have a professional electrician to help with switchboard installation, upgrades and repair services.


Electricians Cranbourne is a reputable electrician company that offers quality electrical services, including for switchboard panels.

Our team of experienced electricians is trained and equipped to handle all your switchboard needs, from installation to upgrades, fault finding diagnosis, repairs and maintenance.

What do electrical switchboards do exactly:


They are circuit breakers that control the electrical supply to different areas of a building. They also act as a control centre for the electrical system, allowing you to switch circuits on and off, as well as monitor current flow. You can call us for any assistance you need with your electrical switchboard.

Switchboard Installations and Upgrades for Cranbourne

The main thing with switchboard installations is that they are primarily for a new home or the replacement of an old switchboard in an existing home. Our electricians will help you choose and design the right switchboard to meet your needs, based on factors such as the size of your home and the number of electrical appliances you have.


During the installation process, our electricians will carefully disconnect the existing switchboard and remove it. They will then install the new switchboard and connect it to the electrical supply. We will also make sure that the switchboard is connected correctly to the earth and that all the safety switches are installed correctly.


We make sure to install the main switchboard in a safe location that meets all safety regulations. After this is done, we will then run cables between each switchboard circuit and connect it to your existing wiring system. Once all wires have been connected properly, they will be securely fastened and tested to make sure they’re functioning correctly. Finally, our team will provide you with a detailed maintenance report, so you can keep track of your switchboard’s condition.

Our Cranbourne Electricians deliver a range of switchboard services, including:

  1. Installation: Our electricians will install a new switchboard in a new home or replace an old switchboard in an existing home.

  2. Repair: Our electricians will repair any problems with your switchboard, ensuring that it is working correctly and safely.

  3. Maintenance: Our electricians will conduct regular maintenance on your switchboard, ensuring that it is in good working order and that there are no safety risks.

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Cranbourne Safety Switch Repairs

Safety switches are essential devices that protect people from electric shock in the home. They can detect an electrical fault and quickly disconnect the power supply, preventing injury or death. Unfortunately, safety switches can sometimes malfunction due to wear and tear over time or because of a fault in the installation or wiring. When this happens, it is important to call an experienced electrician to carry out safety switch repairs as soon as possible.


Our electricians will be able to diagnose the problem with your safety switch and determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. If a repair is necessary, we will use specialised tools and techniques to ensure that all parts are correctly installed and functioning properly.

Circuit Breaker Fuse Repairs Cranbourne

One of the most important parts of a circuit breaker system is the fuse. The fuse is what prevents any excess current from entering your electrical system, and if it fails, it can cause serious damage to your device or home. Circuit breaker fuses need regular maintenance and repairs in order to keep them functioning properly. If you notice that your fuse has stopped working or is no longer providing adequate protection, then it’s time for a repair.


That's where we can help. We provide quick and dependable circuit breaker fuse repairs that will help restore your device or home’s electrical system to its optimal state. Our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose any issues with your fuses, replace them if necessary, and make sure everything is working smoothly before they leave.

For Cranbourne Power Outage Services due to faulty safety switch, fuse or switchboard issue, contact us now.

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