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CCTV security camera on cream wall background inside installed on ceiling
Electrician using screwdriver to install new security camera in commercial building

Our CCTV Security Camera services are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial properties in Cranbourne. That’s because they provide a sense of security and peace of mind for homeowners and business owners. Having security cameras is a great addition to any property to help protect assets and personal safety.

With CCTV you can monitor, detect, record, and deter any unwanted activity or trespassers on the premises. Also they can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide 24/7 surveillance.

By installing a CCTV camera system, you can gain greater control over who is entering your property and what they may be doing while onsite.

What are the benefits of having CCTV security cameras installed:


  • Deterrent to criminals: The presence of cameras can act as a deterrent to criminals and reduce the likelihood of theft or vandalism.

  • Remote Monitoring: With the ability to monitor live footage from anywhere, you can ensure the safety of your property at all times.

  • Evidence Collection: In the event of a crime, the footage captured by the cameras can be used as evidence to aid in the investigation and prosecution of the culprit.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your property is protected 24/7 can provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on other important things.

  • Increase Value: With a modern, fresh looking security camera system installed, you are adding to the value of your property.


If you are considering getting cameras wired in, contact us and ask us about our services.

Our Security Camera Installation Services for Cranbourne

The installation process for a CCTV Security Camera system can vary depending on the size of the premises and what type of cameras are being installed. Generally speaking, there will be wiring involved as well as mounting the cameras in strategic positions. Some systems may also require additional components such as Wi-Fi adapters, DVRs, and NVRs. Our experienced technicians are well versed in providing technical assistance for all kinds of CCTV Security Camera installation projects. You can leave it all up to us and we can guide you through the best type of setup for your home or business, as well as suiting your budget.


What is involved during installing CCTV Security Cameras:


Firstly, we will assess your property to determine the best placement for the cameras. During the installation process, we will ensure that the cameras are positioned to provide maximum coverage and visibility. The cameras will be connected to a central monitoring system, which will allow you to view live footage from your mobile device or computer. For mobile phone camera streaming, this is dependent on a good wifi signal. Otherwise for just using a computer that has strong network connectivity, there is no need to worry about wifi signal strength. We will also show you how it all works and we will be available for any questions or concerns after the installation is complete.

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Different Types of Security Cameras

There are many different types of surveillance cameras available for both indoor and outdoor use depending on your specific needs. Dome cameras, bullet cameras, and PTZ cameras are all great for indoor surveillance applications. While box cameras, infrared cameras, and IP cameras would be ideal for outdoor use due to their weatherproof housing.


There are also specialty camera types such as covert/hidden cameras, vandal-resistant models, and remote-controlled panoramic units that can be used in certain situations.

  • Dome Cameras: These cameras are commonly used in retail environments and are known for their discreet appearance.

  • Bullet Cameras: These cameras are cylindrical in shape and are often used for outdoor surveillance.

  • PTZ Cameras: These cameras are capable of panning, tilting, and zooming, making them ideal for large or complex environments.

  • Hidden Cameras: These cameras are designed to be disguised as everyday objects and are commonly used for covert surveillance.

For any type of CCTV Security Camera service in Cranbourne, contact us today.

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